AHF series-Pleated Sediment Cartridges


Made of reusable non-woven polyester or cellulose fabric, pleated style increases the filtration area; enhance the contaminant removal efficiency. Thermally-bonded construction with media, end caps and inner core heat sealed together. Comply with USA Standard.


>> RO pre-treatment
>> Beverage
>> Swimming pool water systems
>> Industry water processing
>> DI& RO water pre-filtration
PolyesterPleated Filters

AHF-PET Filter Cartridge


Highly effcient filter cartridges made of Non-Woven pleated Polyester Fabric media high flow capability, increased contaminant removal, long filter runs, reusability and the lowest cost per gallon filtered.


Micron ratings: 1,5,10, 20, 30, 50, 75 micron
Filter media: Non-Woven Cellulose paper
Inner core: polypropylene.
End caps: Vinyl Plastisol. Food grade PVC
Temperature: 140¡ãF / 60¡ãC temperature.

Flow rates- Netting: Polyethylene netting.


>> Designed for high flow rate and high dirt holding application
>> Thermally-bonded construction with media, end caps, and Inner core heat-sealed together.
>> Durable polyester media
>> Recommended for chlorinated water supplies
>> E-Z clean and reusable
>> Wide chemical and bacteria resistance 
600 Series-High Flow Filter


Mighty-Pure 600A series high flow filter cartridges is a patented, nomin al efficient design in a double layered single filter cartridge and engineered to handle high flow rate up to 480 GPM. Unique patented design increases the purification quality that consists of varies different porous-size filters in one cartridge. The Mighty-pure 600A Series filters provide a high flow filtration capacity for longer service life for many industrial applications.
A: Inner media: Radial Geometric designed polypropylene or polyester media that surpass conventional pleated depth technology that takes the filtration process to the next level.
B: Outer media: The most efficient technology in multi-layered, micro fiber melt-blown polypropylene media. Progressive media structure down to the smallest micron rating in a binary flow process from inside to outside equates to maximum performance and longer service life. 
Features and Benefits:

>> Patented double layers, varies porous-size filters in one coreless design
>> Up to 480 GPM flow rate per 60¡± filter cartridge and low pressure drop.
>> Coreless construction reduces flow restriction and waste disposal volume.
>> Inside to outside flow configuration holds all containments within the single filter.
>> Built-in handle enables fast and easy replacement.
>> Up to 10.44m2 high surfaces area per 60¡± filter cartridge, high particle holding capacity,
>> Special designed rigid PVC single filter vessels for economical applications are available.
>> Low labor cost, reduce maintenance and up to 40 times less elements to replace.
>> Identical replacements for Pall¡¯s Ultipleat high flow filter cartridges.
>> Lengths are available in 20¡±, 30¡±, 40¡± and 60¡±


>> Reverse Osmosis Pre-treatment
>> Industrial waste water treatment
>> Desalination pre-treatment
>> Agriculture irrigation systems
>> Portable water
>> Petrochemical
>> Cooling water recycled
>> Fish farms

Materials of Construction:

Media: 1) Inner: Polypropylene or Polyester 2) Outer: Polypropylene depth structure

End Caps: Glass Filled Polypropylene O-Ring: Buna

OD: 6¡± (158mm) ID: 2.9¡± (73mm), Max. Flow Rate:, Length 20¡± 30¡± 40¡± 60¡±, GPM/LPM 160/605 240/907 320/1210 480/1815, Configuration: Single open end/ Inside to outside flow

Operating Conditions:
Max Temp: 65¡æ, Max. Working Pressure: < 70psid /4.9 Bar, Change out differential pressure: 35psid/2.4bar, Micron Rating: Nominal
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